Lake Geneva

Geneva Lake - Fontana - Williams Bay

I am a 4th generation resident of Geneva Lake; I was raised here, and my family lineage in the area dates all the way back to the early 1900s. I know the ins and outs of this market- you will find no better resource or local ambassador. I provide the highest level of real estate services to a wide variety of buyers and sellers from the area as well as Chicago's North Shore. I compliment my professional approach with unwavering personal commitment to my clients' wants and needs. That means I will answer the phone when you call. It means that I am accurate and don't sugar coat a situation when we face a challenge. It means that I will be there for you every step of the way, as your expert, your advocate, and your friend.

"Kelsey was nothing short of amazing! She was really great at keeping us appraised throughout the whole buying process and quick to answer any questions or we requests we had. She brought along her local knowledge of the area which was really key to understand the market around us. She went above and beyond and really showed so much thought and care into helping us buy our second home. I would use her again and again for any sale and/or purchase of a home.

Where do I even begin?!? Kelsey proved to be the most patient, resourceful and a true partner in every sense of the word my family and I could have ever asked for. Her knowledge of the local area proved invaluable as she was able to anticipate our needs and reactions to homes in the market before we could even notify her we were interested. The fact that she already had MLS sheets, house facts, and most of the time had already spoken with the seller’s rep before we even emailed or texted her interest in a property saved us countless hours and proved she was incredibly proactive in working FOR us. We looked at nearly 10 homes prior to finding our perfect spot. If we had listened to Kelsey more earlier on, we would not have seen that many LOL! While I am sure our nitpicking over little details drive her nuts, she never showed it and at each and every turn provided us the time and attention we needed. She never strayed away from showings on nights and weekends because it was convenient for us, we probably owe her family a huge thank you as well. Overall, I know we feel that we not only gained a professional rep for life but also a friend. Thank you Kelsey once again for helping us find the absolute perfect home for our family!
-Brandon McConnell